Brand Strategy isn’t rocket science – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Whether it’s because all around you feel everyone’s saying the same thing, or you realise your brand’s positioning isn’t aligned with what’s happening with your customers, deciding to redo your brand strategy can feel like a mountain to climb. 

But it doesn’t have to. Here’s the journey as we see it:


  1. Use customer insight to work out what problem you’re solving 
  2. Work out how your brand is uniquely meeting that customer need
  3. Focus on the emotional benefit you bring to the customer (any functional positioning means your brand can easily be commoditised)
  4. Talk about that benefit in your comms rather than the product… ie, don’t tell me about the new pumpkin latte, tell me that you understand why I need it and how it will feel to get it
  5. Connect your positioning seamlessly into your culture to make sure you’re walking the walk not just talking the talk.