Experts in connecting brand, culture and performance

The Chief

Emma Harris

Emma started out in FMCG before spending a decade as the Sales & Marketing director for Eurostar, commercially transforming the business and gaining a reputation as an outstanding leader with a drive and ability to drive growth and deliver seismic change. She is a Trustee of The Marketing Academy Foundation and spends loads of her time mentoring and training the marketing talent of tomorrow. She is also definitely the worst behaved of all of us. As well as her 20 odd salubrious years in the industry, she is also well known in the industry for being dangerous to be out drinking with on a school night.

The Gripper

Kerry Cullen

Kerry is our commercial lead. She has her eyes firmly on the running of the business, making sure everything happens as effectively and efficiently as possible. Kerry’s varied corporate background means she’s got the skills and more importantly, mindset, to keep Glow London running smoothly. From leading on the commercial strategy for the business, to the implementation of new systems and processes, Kerry is always seeking to make us act like grown ups and be bigger and better at what we do.

The Driver

Rachael Stilwell

Rachael is the effervescent driving force behind our content, partnerships and business development and she is on a mission to make the world Glow. She is a passionate believer in the power of positive thinking and is always open to new ideas and bringing them to life to make the world of work a better place. She loves to uncover new commercial opportunities and then make them happen. She is just as happy in her wellies out in a muddy field with her kids.

The Brave One

Kerry Collinge

Kerry is an award winning brand and communications strategist with 20 years experience across global blue-chips through to start up brands. She is also an international bestselling author on the subject of brand growth. Kerry believes that great ideas start with a courageous culture and that bravery sits at the heart of great brands.  She is passionate about working with teams to create inspiration, energy and drive to land big, transformative brand ideas, such as Cadbury Gorilla.  She uses her experience around the entrepreneurial growth mindset to generate results.

Creative God

Andy Paterson

As an award winning Creative Director Andy’s specialism is shaking audiences out of their apathy into actively engaging and changing perceptions, so bonds form and growth follows.

Having created and developed international and local brands over the last 20 years Andy gets how to unlock the creative assets that make the relationship between brands and their audiences more captivating and stronger over time. He’s the clever talented one. And he’s really tall so none of us mess with him.

Team Activator

Claudia Salador

Claudia is the one who keeps us all in check. Her main aim is to INSPIRE and to ACTIVATE. Acting as a catalyst, she ignites our people, drives our thinking, organises everyone and generally ensures things get done. She believes there is a direct correlation between a healthy person, a healthy mind and a healthy business and her weapon is COURAGE which she manifests not just for herself but for all those around her.


Glow London Ltd is part of PlanetK2, a business made up primarily of some of the world’s top sports psychologists, very clever people who make it their mission to unleash high performance potential in people, business and brands. They’re a rather special business who have transformed the performance of some of the world’s biggest brands; Adidas and Samsung, to name but a few. If you want to hear more click here….

Admin Terrier

Jane Glover

Jane has spent many years in the corporate world and just loves the admin side of things.  She gets a kick out of balancing diaries, to keeping track of things financial, which is a godsend to those folks in the business who are ‘less passionate’ about this kind of stuff! Jane has refuted the rumours that she is related to a Mr. E. Scrooge, however, she does have a voracious appetite for keeping track of money and making sure everything gets invoiced and paid on time.

Content Geek

Adam Morris

Adam create high impact educational content that packs a mean punch in the worlds of mental health and sports psychology. He’s a creative whiz who’s passionate about what he does and doesn’t stop, ever, in his pursuit to make the world a better place with his knowledge, CBT skills, creativity and content creation. He’s not that bad at football and likes to have a good jog to keep that creativity pumping.

Sales Champ

Sam Mahr

Sam is our sales champion. He’s ready to talk to you about everything to do with Glow London and the unique and powerful application of Brand, people and culture. Well versed in technology, experienced in the talent development, leadership and stakeholder management worlds, he’s the friendliest, helpful and most charming chap. He’s also got some great jokes and a mean taste in music if you should ask…

The Gang

Truant London

Our incredibly attention seeking creative agency partners. Deviant. Disobedient. Different.

Bountiful Cow

Our strategic media partners. Transparent, unrestricted and human.


Our highly creative CRM partners. The Acceleration Agents