How do we start? It's by asking 'what's the point of you?'

Once we find the answer, we turn it into a powerful brand positioning, then bring it to life beautifully both externally and internally, whilst unleashing a high performance culture.

Ultimately, what we do is like waving an enormous magic wand across your business.


As you’d expect, our clients are at various different stages on their journey. Here we explain the whole lot but feel free to ignore any bits you feel you’re already kicking arse on.

The Brand

If you don’t already have a brilliant positioning, we will help you build one. By the way, our definition of brilliant is:


No bullshit.


No-one else can claim it.


No waffly bollocks.

As truth is so important here, we don’t run off and find the answers ourselves. We build it with you.

We’ll create a process around you to help you dig deep and uncover what really makes you better than the guy up the road.

Our role is to work with you to navigate that digging and then help express the outcome in a simple, meaningful, powerful way. This brand will give you an amazing new lens to look through. It should be the guiding light that navigates your entire strategy and your decision making. The thing that you can use to hold each other accountable, to engage, excite and ignite the business and the market.

Ideally we involve as many of the right people as possible in the journey so when we have a final positioning everyone can feel like they contributed towards it rather than it being ‘told’ to them.

What you get is a clear brand model that will create laser focus and act as a decision making lens to propel your business forward.

The Change

Where the really fun (and hard) work starts

Once we’ve nailed the brand piece, the next job is to get everyone lined up behind the positioning, whilst also driving whatever change is necessary to make sure every edge of the business is living and breathing it.

Ideally we involve as many of the right people as possible in the journey so when we have a final positioning everyone can feel like they were part of it rather than it being ‘told’ to them. The marketing and comms plan is obviously a huge part of that. With the internal piece just as important, if not more, than the external. What’s most important is that they are saying the same thing of course.  We will work with you to drive this change across the business from the obvious bits like look and feel right through to the intricate edges of Customer Services, Sales, Ops and Finance the positioning has to be brought to life. Imagine being the supplier of a brand that talked constantly about trust and integrity and then they took six months to pay anyone? Believe us, it happens!

We have to be honest and admit this can all take some time as it involves everyone in the business. And that may mean in different markets and languages. The good news is that we’ve done this loads of times before so we can hold your hand on those wet Wednesday afternoons when it all feels a tad overwhelming.

The Performance

Even if your business is packed full of mega brilliant people, we all know that talent is never enough.

This is where we bring in our clever colleagues from PlanetK2.

We use the motivation of a clear and powerful brand to unleash the high performance potential across your business by helping your teams think, prepare and perform like elite athletes.

Working with the best there is in sports psychology, we ensure performance is not something that sits across the hallway in HR or OD. We give every individual the tools, language and understanding to own and constantly strive to improve their own performance. Every day.

Putting it all together

So in its entirety what we can give you is:

A truthful, powerful positioning

Brought to life and amplified right across the business

Delivered by a world class high performing team

Sounds bloody good, eh? Well get in touch and let’s start making it happen.


“As strategic brand consultants ourselves, Emma is the only person in London who I would trust to work with us on our positioning and our individual development. She has led us on a seismic journey but made it feel simple and obvious. Six months on and we are actually now too busy. We owe her so much.”

Adam Morgan Founder, Eatbigfish

``Before I met Emma I was convinced that if people wanted to buy stuff they would do so by going up the high street and visiting a shop! Glow completely transformed our marketing and put us on the map digitally``

Marcus Wareing Chef

``Emma and the Glow team have completely transformed our business. It started as a rebrand but they have done so much more. They got right under the skin of our business and helped us revamp not just our branding but our entire approach to the market!”

Tamara Littleton CEO, The Social Element

“Working with Glow completely transformed our business. We have new language and behaviours which even a year on, you can still hear buzzing round the corridors. Our business performance has rocketed and we’re winning so much new business now we have clarity on what sets us apart. I would recommend Glow London to any business that believes it needs competitive advantage”

Sue O’Brien CEO Norman Broadbent

“Working with Glow gave us direction, clarity and a clear lens from which to build our entire business. The brand bible we developed was world class. Every time Emma walked in the room I found myself clapping!”

Patrick Alo Global Head of Brand, Virgin Management