Brand strategy

Having a real brand means understanding and clearly defining the thing that actually makes people choose you over the guy up the road. 

It also means understanding your audience and what problem you’re solving for them.

Our capabilities

Value proposition
Vision mission values
Brand framework
Core positioning
Messaging hierarchy
Messaging guide
Employee proposition (EDP)
Brand Pillars
Marketing strategy

Once you connect both these dots, and find a way to express this proposition in a powerful clear (we call it “bullshit free”) way, your business will have a lens to look through drive the business forward; to underpin your marketing, motivate your team, attract and retain talent, define your workplace culture and hold you all accountable for your behaviours.

We’re smart enough to know that we couldn’t possibly know more about your business than you so we work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, finding the answers together and involving as much of the wider business as possible to unite them in the process.

It’s not quick and it’s not easy. But we all know the brands that do this well, thrive. So let us help.

Help your brand glow

Brand strategy

Articulating what makes you, you, in a way that creates powerful business impact


Brand identity

Developing the physical, visual and 6th-sensual brand assets you need to turn strategy into execution



Connecting your people with your brand so it’s brought to life at every touchpoint.


Cultural strategy

Helping define what values and behaviours are needed to unite and motivate the team whilst driving the business forward in a healthy way.


Looking to collaborate?

Let’s talk about you and the problems you’re facing, and how we can help.

Glow London brand agency works hand in hand with Planet K2 in unleashing the high performance potential in your people, business and brands.